Who We Are

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Cutting Edge Partners is a global financial advisory firm that promotes, enhances and works in the best interest of our clients. We are passionate about ensuring the financial wellbeing of all our stakeholders.

Over the years, we have had the wholesome privilege of serving hundreds of individuals, households and corporate entities; thereby enabling them to attain their financial goals; through our range of bespoke products and services. We support all our clients in successfully moving from where they currently are financially, to where they desire to be. 

One thing is sure; everyone that engages our services realizes their financial dreams, aims and objectives; no matter how big they are. With us, it’s a new day for financial well-being. A day in which doing what’s best for our clients is the only thing that matters—helping ensure that they’re financially prepared for all of life’s big moments, small moments, and all the moments in between.

Our philosophy is simple; we believe that building wealth is simple and we want to help our clients to build lasting generational wealth. No matter your background or your current financial state, you can become truly wealthy, and live the life of your dreams.

Cutting Edge Partners is a global financial advisory firm

We will help you to achieve your goals and to grow your business

Our Vision

To raise an army of wealthy men and women who are forces of positive change to their societies, the world-over.

Our Mission

To empower our various stakeholders to build lasting wealth; and to provide jobs for millions of peoples all over the world.

Our Core Value

Amongst other things we stand for, these are values we find at the core of our being:

  • Integrity
  • Service
  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Love
About cuttingedge Partners
Who We Are

Meet Our Expert Team

Benjamin Aduroja MD/CEO, Cutting Edge Partners

Benjamin Aduroja

Benjamin ADUROJA is the MD/CEO of Cutting Edge Partners a premier financial services firm, serving individuals, families and investors nationwide through bespoke financial advisory services. Driven by a strong and abiding commitment to service, he help our clients succeed financially with investment planning and advice for helping them achieve their life needs and financial goals.

With a consulting and training background spanning over ten years, Benjamin has had the privilege of leading consulting corporate entities such as Elite Innovations Group (UK), Immigrant Invest (Russia), Just Inches Ltd. (USA), The Stephen’s Leadership Consultancy (USA), Mansard Insurance (formerly known as GTAssure); to mention a few. He is sought after by many organizations as a business development/turn-around expert, financial advisor and global financial consultant that has added incredible value to not only the effectiveness and corporate productivity of his clients, but also to their organization’s bottom-line.

He is a highly sought-after Global Financial Consultant, Financial Advisor, Certified Life Coach, an Emotional Intelligence Certified Professional (EICP), an Emotional Intelligence Freedom Techniques & Matrix Re-Imprinting Practitioner; and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Techniques Practitioner. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (Finance Specialization) from University of Lagos. He holds a certificate in Leadership and Emotional Intelligence from the Indian School of Business. He also holds a certificate in Leadership Through Social Influence from the Northwestern University, USA.

He holds both the Basic and Advanced certificates in Leadership and Strategic Management from Daystar Leadership Academy. He holds a certificate in Leadership growth and development from Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven Network. He is also an alumnus of acclaimed Daystar Business Academy. He is a member, Life Coaches Association on Nigeria (LCAN).

Olayinka Argaje Williams, Chief Marketing Officer of Cutting Edge Partners

Olayinka Agbaje Williams

Director of Marketing and Strategy
Olayinka is the Chief Marketing Officer of Cutting Edge Partners. With a background in IT, and having led various strategic marketing, brand and business development teams over the years, he has developed capacity as a problem solver, expert facilitator, agile advisor and coach; focused on providing marketing solutions, creative inspiration, tailored content for all our marketing efforts.

He is armed with extensive knowledge and skills in the areas of Leadership, Branding, Corporate Culture, Customer Service, Digital, Professional Image, Soft Skills, Event Planning, Marketing and Sales, Corporate Strategy, Time Management; as well as Human Resource Management (in which he bagged an MBA). He is a certified management specialist and project manager, as well as a graduate of Computer Information Science, and also an alumnus of the Orange Academy for Branding.

ADEYINKA ADEDOKUN Chief Technology Officer of Cutting Edge Partners.

Adeyinka Adedokun

Chief Technology Officer
Adeyinka is the Chief Technology Officer of Cutting Edge Partners. With a background in Economics and extensive Technical Upskilling; Yinka has been able to marry the worlds of Finance and Creativity through tech, and build a stellar repertoire of consistent value and returns to individuals and institutions of diverse industries. A tireless worker, Yinka never misses an opportunity to give back and contribute his quota to the development of his beloved continent, Africa.
ELIZABETH ADUROJA Human Resource Manager of Cutting Edge Partners.

Elizabeth Aduroja

Human Resource Manager
Elizabeth is the Human Resource Manager of Cutting Edge Partners. A Performance-driven and highly motivated Human Resources professional with over eight years’ experience in HR operations; she is adept in hiring and exiting processes, administrative tasks, sales, customer service, payroll, proficient in scheduling interviews, and advanced knowledge of HR principles and procedures. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication, from the Lagos State University.